10 Pieces of the Digital Campaign “Recipe” as in Soup perhaps….

A Digital Campaign has elements, pieces, and the list has been started here in this post, to give the task a sense of a checklist, to have a sense of order and helps to not forget what elements to add and the sizes needed for that to happen.

Google Plus Search for Video or You Tube
Tweets with images size – 1024×512
Facebook Posts / Pages size – 1200 x 630
Landing Pages via WordPress – Responsive First and using IFTTT to post to the other sites
Blog Posts WordPress and/or Blogger
Linked In with images size?
Tumblr with images size?
Instagram with images size?
Reddit with images size?
Itunes with image sizes

Sizes are the next part of this to be added, I have been experimenting with the LindedIN.com size of 700×400, tried it and it worked on Facebook as https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153413403776540&set=rpd.698891539&type=3&theater As the pieces develop, I plan to update this post with the latest information.