Guy R Cook Online Services:

This page is an attempt to add every solution that you might be looking for, the ones below are the first ‘attempt’ at a list, sort of the “menu of our restaurant”, use the Contact Guy if you have more questions.

For WordPress:

Clean Spam Comments

Test Forms

Check Broken Links

Post Revisions

Manage Post Comment Controls – Discuss

Update Plugins and/or WP version for security sake

Make Regular Backups of database and content files

Setup Google Analytics

Setup Google Webmaster Tools – Search Console

Monitor Statistics email stats on request for Google Analytics

Use a responsive layout so blog is visible on mobile phones too

Ongoing Security Checks –

– Passwords

– File permissions

– Database Security

– WordPress Admin protection

Have Filezilla client for FTP access

Assist with use of Yoast SEO plugin to help with having good SEO for content items

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance Prepare & maintain site operations manual in Google Docs – requires Google Account
Backup and remote storage (test restore of backup)
Google Analytics monitoring & reporting
Search Console (previously Google Webmaster Tools) monitoring & reporting

Content Creation

Image creation
Landing page ideas
Marketing collateral / campaigns

Domain Registration

Renew Domains
Assign an AccountExec
Register Domains
Transfer Domains
Bulk Registration
Bulk Transfer
Domain Backordering


Database backup stored securely offline
Monthly full backup of file system and database stored securely offline
Actively monitor new releases and security updates for all installed plugins
Update all plugins as new releases are issued
Keep Joomla updated to the latest stable version 3.x build is in use now on draft
Setup Google Analytics – Email stats on request for Google Analytics
Setup Google Webmaster Tools – Search Console
Help with content revisions as needed, training rather than just do it for you
On call telephone support during business hours

You’re ready to go!

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RESTRICTIONS: We do not support adult sites.

PRICING: Monthly cost is determined by server size. Sites with 15 pages obviously won’t cost as much as sites with hundreds of pages See our contact page to contact us for a quote today.


RESTRICTIONS: We do not support adult sites.

PRICING: Monthly cost is $85.00 per month.  Contact Guy at vDomainHostingInc today via the Contact Page.