Start Here – Planning Session Guide

Home pages are not landing pages.

Start your idea with good planning, here’s an outline from long ago that still works today. The Planning Session Guide is more of a starting point than the end, so if you add things to this recipe, please share them via the Contact Guy link ok?

The planning session guide, start here.

Need more of a guide, then consider these goals, and who can make those for you.
1.  Develop a conversion focused web strategy to promote your business.
2.  Design your website so it is professional, engaging, and matches your brand vision.
3.  Create an email opt­in program to increase conversions and leads.
4.  Drive traffic to your site using search and social media.
5.  Train you and your staff how to manage the site, the social media, the newsletter.
6.  Timely turnaround and reasonable budget.

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