5 Reasons Why Companies Rely on Virtual Marketing Agencies 20181003


Top freelancers usually specialize in a single skill set, such as graphic design or public relations (PR). Virtual marketing agencies are made up of teams of top specialists. On Upwork, agency members provide popular skills such as branding and social media — to in-demand skills including data science and interactive mobile development.
Marketing teams turn to virtual agencies for many reasons including:

Single point of contact. Instead of sourcing, communicating with, and tracking projects of several individual freelancers, you work with a single project manager.

Less administrative time. The project manager does all the work assembling the right talent, at the right stage of the project. This helps your projects ramp up faster, and saves you time on sourcing, vetting, and paying individual freelancers. The project manager also frees up your time by handling communication with each specialist to keep deliverables on schedule.

Faster turnaround times. Different parts of your project will be assigned to the appropriate specialist. For a website project, one person may handle the graphics, another works on the branding, others may work on the site’s user experience (UX), and another on the site launch marketing strategy. Because each part of the project is worked on by a specialist, it often shortens project ramp up and turnaround times for deliverables.

Higher-quality work. Agency members are accustomed to collaborating with each other. This can increase creativity and innovation when designing campaigns. Although agencies work with skilled professionals, the project manager reviews all work before forwarding it to you. In the end, you receive higher-quality deliverables, which often saves you time on revisions.

Niche expertise. An agency is especially helpful if you’re engaging specialists that may not be within your expertise. Experienced agencies know what talent you need on the project, and how to vet them accurately. Starting with the right team can help your project stay on time and within budget.

From the blog post here: https://www.upwork.com/hiring/enterprise/5-reasons-companies-rely-virtual-marketing-agencies/

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