20170327 The Guy R Cook Report Happy Monday

Rolodex - The ultimate offline password vault

20170327 The Guy R Cook Report Happy Monday is going to discuss best ways to store login information.  The list of password protection software might well be as long as a list could ever be.

Back in 1995 the need to record passwords started, and it evolved into using a rolodex.  Simple, alphabetical and not very easy to hack, since it’s and offline pen and paper affair that rolodex’s are.  For years that was the archive, and it’s still in use today for the credentials of most importance.  I bought two rolodex’s (big ones) and record information into one, and the other serves me as storage for blank cards.

Portable, not big and bulky, works well.    For digital logins, using digital storage works well, and in the right practice can be just as hard to expose.   There’s also now the 2 step authentication that requires the password, and then after you enter that password you will receive a special code, either by encrypted email (using https:// for those emails) OR a phone call from that host to your smart phone with the code, that after you enter the code the ‘door’ is opened to that service.

Back in 2009 the password ‘send’ issue arose, that is how do you send an email since there’s no way to know if their email is secure at first look, so we were under the ‘voice-mail’ transfer of passwords, that is we called the voice-mail of that user, and in NATO alphabet left their password.   To have the alphabet handy we went to http://www.dynamoo.com/index.htm and got the PDF version of their list (page 2 actually) that is still taped to the side of my monitor for an instant reminder.  Caution, not everyone uses the NATO alphabet, some will say Bob for B instead of the Bravo used by the NATO alphabet, this will make for a moments brain freeze since you’re used to using NATO you will have to stop for a millisecond to ‘translate’ each “wrong word” used by that other person.

Passwords, use 4 sorts of character, Upper and lower case letters, numbers and special symbols (the symbols each have a unique hex value, just like letters and numbers do)  so using a combination of the those to create passwords is the ‘recipe’ that I would give.   If you create lots of passwords then having a tool to do that helps and being able to customize the output helps even more.   For example, my generator will not use the number one or a lower case L due to the “written on paper rule” there is the chance of misreading that written instance of the credentials.

The credentials you use should be unique for each and every host, so if one ever does get found, it’s only good for that host and no other.  Happy Monday, see you tomorrow for SEO Tips Tuesday.

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20170327 The Guy R Cook Report Happy Monday

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