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20160719 The Guy R Cook Report SEO Tips Tuesday – Tweet: 20160719 The Guy R Cook Report SEO Tips Tuesday -

today it’s about “Why I’d Recommend Local SEO as a Promising Career for Millennials”  a post from  Miriam Ellis

20160719 The Guy R Cook Report SEO Tips Tuesday will discuss Local search engine optimization (SEO) basically seeks to create a mirror image of real-world communities on the web, making it easy for anyone to find the best available resources for everything nearest them. You can promote the visibility of local businesses, schools, parks, organizations, churches, or anything else that exists for the use of people in any given city or town.

Match Your Local SEO to Your Business Type with the Local SEO Checklist
Is your brand visible to potential customers? If you’re a local business and you haven’t nailed down your local SEO, you’re missing the opportunity to be seen when that customer searches on the desktop or on mobile. In the SEO Checklist reference is made to GMB (That’s Google My Business listing) https://www.google.com/business/ to sign up


But wait! You aren’t done yet. There are some local SEO steps that work for businesses of all kinds. Use the checklist below to make sure you’re ticking all the boxes to get seen in the SERPs. To jump ahead to a section, use these links:

* Technical website criteria https://moz.com/blog/local-seo-checklist#technical
* Getting local content right https://moz.com/blog/local-seo-checklist#content
* Citations https://moz.com/blog/local-seo-checklist#citations
* Duplicate listing cleanup https://moz.com/blog/local-seo-checklist#duplicate-listings
* Earning reviews https://moz.com/blog/local-seo-checklist#reviews
* Social media for local business https://moz.com/blog/local-seo-checklist#social-media
One part of local SEO is the use of video: The proliferation of video content has migrated from the field of entertainment straight into the business world. B2B firms are finding a wide range of uses for video content, from how-to videos to expert interviews. Video appeals to a different audience than long-form written content and provides an avenue for non-writers to create powerful, expert grade material.

* Out there in the real world https://moz.com/blog/local-seo-checklist#real-world

Faisal Kaleem a MOZ community user says:

There are some more points where we need to work for local listing results

  1. We will have to create more pages for particular service page with targeted local modifiers (Local modifiers are keywords that contain location specific information. They are used to target local consumers and for gaining higher visibility amongst them.
    For example, a London based SEO agency would have the phrase ‘SEO Agency London’ as part of their keywords list for effective optimization.
  2. We need to add phone no. at the page title or descriptions, that would be optimized by Schema. (There’s no line item for phone in the Organization form for Schema, so use MicroDataGenerator (1)
  3. We will have to add contact information to business hours at first look on the site for home page as well as inner service pages
  4. We’ll have to add KML file in every service page (Keyhole Markup Language)
  5. We need to install discuss, or another attribute by this user can directly add his review about particular service in the specific service pages or home page
  6. We’ll have to find out vertical sites that have good domain authority and all
  7. We’ll have to find the way how gov sites like chamber of commerce can approve for our niches locally
  8. We need to do more work on sites like Yelp for that need to some genuine reviews
  9. We will have to find out more local authorized directories

So these are some basic steps on which if we work then we can get the expected results for particular niches in Google maps.

In Schema to generate phone when adding NAP information use:

Schema.org Generator for SEO | JSON-LD


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