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Do OpenGraph meta tags have an impact on SEO?
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As Jarin Udom points out, they certainly have a tremendous impact on Facebook SEO.

While Facebook isn’t a direct search competitor today, the Open Graph is just another version of Google’s Search Index, using Likes instead of Links as the foundation.

That’s probably not what you were asking though. Do Open Graph tags have an impact on traditional search engines. At present, it’s unlikely they have much, if any, impact.

Here’s a quick run down of the Open Graph tags and how a traditional search engine might use them.

Like the title tag, a search engine might look at this to help inform the topic and content of the page.

This maps to a traditional meta description. These aren’t used by search engines to define relevancy, only in displaying the search snippet.

A search engine could use the og:description if no meta description existed, but I haven’t seen this happen yet.

This could be construed as the Open Graph equivalent of rel=canonical, but I’m not sure it’s stable enough for search engines to use at this point.
Why Open Graph Protocol is good for SEO and social networks?
What can be described by The Open Graph Protocol?
Initially, you can set your type of site. This will be:

  • article (used for news, blog posts, video, audio)
  • blog (only used in the homepage)
  • website (only used for the homepage)

Then you can specify descriptive information about your pages with contacts. This is useful for your business site. The types are:

  • contact Information
  • location

You can also describe films, audio or some other known object from the real world:

  • activities
  • businesses
  • groups
  • organizations
  • people
  • places
  • products and entertainment

If you have a Facebook profile you can put your ID. Thus the social networking will identify you as an administrator of the site.
Must-Have Social Meta Tags for Twitter, Google+, Facebook and More


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